DIY Eurorack Cabinet

I had this small shelf I wanted to turn into a rack for a while:

I had to figure out a way to hold the faceplates in the middle.

A few pieces of wood used for baseboards will do the trick.

I first have to find the right order for the few modules I’ve done so far..
From left to right, the MIDI to CV/Gate, then the BH-101, the Auduino, the Kick Clone, the BR-808 Hats and finally the ‘Lunch’ Clap:

This how it looks like when screwed in with 2mm screws. Far from perfect but good enough to me!

I’ve got quite a comfortable space to put the power rail in:

Now I’m gonna add the Mixer, the BH-101 sub-mixer, both my BB Filters, and start wiring it all together.

With the Super Simple Sequencer at the bottom and everything connected together, it is done..And I’m quite happy with the whole thing!

Now with the additional Delay and the Small Stone Clone:

Sound demo coming soon!

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