It’s been a long time since I wanted to add a DIY sampler to my rack as the simplest way to get chords synth stabs to my music.After a bit of looking around I found this cool video about using an ISD-1820 as a cheap LoFi sampler: So I ordered a couple of these ISD1820 boards and followed the…
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Midi2CV-Connecting worlds!

I was not sure this would be a very interesting build as it is not a sound generator per se, but it still will gonna save me the 150E it costs to get a nice commercial Midi 2 CV interface. This looked like the best DIY project I’ve found, it comes complete with the arduino code and all: It…
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The NZO-Control footswitch midi controller

My good friend and great guitarist Nzo needed a simpleĀ and heavy-duty footswitch midi controller… This Hammond case I found on Ebay was a perfect fit for this project. I took to the Arduino to manage the Midi part. I found these great Single-pole Single-throw switches on Ebay as well. Just a led and a resistor, VCC/Gnd and signal wires on…
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