Midi2CV-Connecting worlds!

I was not sure this would be a very interesting build as it is not a sound generator per se, but it still will gonna save me the 150E it costs to get a nice commercial Midi 2 CV interface.
This looked like the best DIY project I’ve found, it comes complete with the arduino code and all:
It does Midi to CV Gate/Trigger/Note/Clock/Control/Pitch bend, more than I need for now!

So I decided to build this on an Adafruit PermaProto as usual now, and just used a cheap Arduino Nano knockoff from eBay. This is what it looks like, it’s quite cool to see the note velocities on Ableton Live being turned into voltages on my scope…:

One thought on “Midi2CV-Connecting worlds!

  1. Hi. Could you share your arduino sketch? I tried the one off the elkayem github, and I get errors when compiling it. Thanks for you time.

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