BH-101 Synthetiser

This is my first “real” voltage-controlled synth build using the CEM3340 clone the AS3340:

The CEM3340 was the oscillator used in the famous Roland SH-101 and MKS-80. It has 3 waveforms: Ramp, Triangle, and variable-width Pulse. In my build I added a white noise generator, the Noise1B from ED:

I’m mixing the 4 outputs with a GrandMixer DIY, and send the mix to a AS3360 Voltage Controlled Amplifier, which is itself modulated by the ENVGEN8 by ED:

The result is an awesome super-fat mono synth fully voltage controllable. Here are some audio samples, a few pics and a first vid:


One thought on “BH-101 Synthetiser

  1. Hey, nice work!!

    For the full “101” experience, you should have a look at my page on sub-oscillators. The SH101’s excellent example is there, but there are further options too.

    Good luck with your projects.


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