It’s been a long time since I wanted to add a DIY sampler to my rack as the simplest way to get chords synth stabs to my music.After a bit of looking around I found this cool video about using an ISD-1820 as a cheap LoFi sampler: So I ordered a couple of these ISD1820 boards and followed the…
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DIY Eurorack Cabinet

I had this small shelf I wanted to turn into a rack for a while: I had to figure out a way to hold the faceplates in the middle. A few pieces of wood used for baseboards will do the trick. I first have to find the right order for the few modules I’ve done so far..From left to right,…
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I just put together all the units I’ve been building. I just sticked the SSS sequencer, the PT39 delay, the 3080 Phaser, the Grand-Mixer, the 808 Kick Clone and the Nano-B synths onto a piece of plywood. Here is how it sounds through my iPhones mic and Youtube audio encoding.