Small Stone Clone mod part2: Univibing

The first mod will be getting this “Univibe” hack: http://www.lynx.net/~jc/pedalsSmallStone.html The idea is to emulate the “Univibe” effect using the four CA3080 OTAs on the clone, getting both flavors.As explained in the link I must add another set of caps plus a switch per 3080.Fortunately my breadboard build had just the physical space need to throw 4 caps and four…
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Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Clone rework

It’s been a while since I wanted to rework my Small Stone clone aka the Piedrita by Tonepad. This is still on a breadboard but it works well and it’ll be easy to start messing with those 6.8nF caps when there’s no solder involved. Right now here is how it looks and sounds like:

BR-808 Hi-Hats euroracked

Following my goal of standardizing the stuff I built previously to be compatible to the Eurorack standard, I had this 808 Hats clone redone: Here is a little demo:

Eurorack Bus & PSU

I need to build something to power the new stuff, at least the BH-101, its waveform mixer and the Midi2CV interface. According to the Doepfer Eurorack specs, the pinouts go like this:I’m gonna go for the full 16 pin version, as I might need the +5V bus sometimes. I thought of something like this, which is gonna use my DP832…
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Midi2CV-Connecting worlds!

I was not sure this would be a very interesting build as it is not a sound generator per se, but it still will gonna save me the 150E it costs to get a nice commercial Midi 2 CV interface. This looked like the best DIY project I’ve found, it comes complete with the arduino code and all: https://github.com/elkayem/midi2cv It…
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