I recently made the big step to learning Kicad (kicad.org) in order to create my own PCBs.

I chose to try to make boards for my favorite filter chip, the 3320, resuscitated by Tom Wilshire at https://electricdruid.net in both in low and high pass configurations, for a power supply and to connect pots.

With the help of tutorials like this one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmT9P3k_YcU) and some hard work I managed to get a few designs that might work.

I chose pcbway.com to manufacture my first boards, and after a little delay due to the Chinese holidays and a bad surprise from the customs, the first prototypes are here!

With JST-type connectors thrown in, it looks already way more ‘professional’.

It looks like a great improvement visually already. On the left side the old school proto design, on the right side the PCB and JST connectors style..

Not let’s see if this works in the next episode…

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