I definitely need a polyphonic synth for chords, pads and strings. I’ve always loved the Juno-60 so that will be the direction I’ll take, but in the meantime I’m experimenting a bit with the legendary CD40106 Hex Inverter.

This is imho the easiest way to create an oscillator, and it is featured in one of my first posts. By changing the configuration around the CD40106, you can either produce a square or a sawtooth waveform:

If you want some in-depth look and great explanation I can only recommend this video.

So before attempting a VC, 6-voices polyphonic synth, I’ll try first with 3 voices, each controlled by a 100K potentiometer.

And it sounds cool! Raising the voltage on the CD40106 volt by volt has the good taste of transposing in tune, and the AS3320 Low-pass at the end is just perfect:

To be continued!

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