BH-101: Euroracked

To easily integrate the BH-101 amongst other instruments, I had to choose between the standards available.
I went for Eurorack aka the Doepfer A-100 system. A bus with +12V, -12V and +5V is really the core of it, along with physical dimensions to fit in the racks.

Eurorack requires a faceplate of 128,5mm x a multiple of 40mm, drilled with the holes for jacks and pots.
I found the price for a pre-cut piece of aluminium quite expensive (about 25E for 128,5x80mmx2mm) so I decided to buy a whole sheet and cut it off myself. I found this 250mmx1000mmx1.5mm for less than 10E at the local hardware store.

So I cut into the aluminium with my Dremel and manage to get a decent cut. Far from perfect but good enough.

No I have to figure out which pots and jacks go where, so I came up with this design:

Then I drilled the holes, again using my Dremel and a a regular electric drill. I used no6 metal drill bit for the jacks and a no7 for the pots.

Again far from perfect but good enough…Next to put all that stuff together…

The final touch with the Eurorack power connector:

After fixing a few wire lengths I labeled the pots and jacks and here it is…The BH-101 Euroracked!

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