The Notes & Volts Audiuno Granular Synth

I’ve been interested in electronic music for a while, so I thought I’d just try to build my own synths.
I found this great website and its Arduino-based synth “Auduino”…

Let’s get to it..Soldering stuff, resistors, wires, breadboard, pots, Arduino and more.
First I built an Arduino on a breadboard using an ATMega 328 (tut on the Notes and Volts website)It works..I got Midi.Let’s hook up the pots…I got a synth!
I’ll just put everything inside that Hammond case.I’m drilling large holes with this tool:Hooking everything into place.Midi jack.1/4′ audio jack and hole for the DC jack.Now I’m soldering everything on these nice Adafruit perma-proto boards.5V DC power reg. onthe left side.Everything is in place.Let’s fit it inside the case.Done..nice!

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