Nano-B the 2.50 Euros synth!

This is loosely based on the excellent series by Elliot Williams from ( . This is an awesome source to get into audio hacking.

Here’s the BOM and price list:

Breadboard             1.00E
40106 IC                 0.30E
Switch                     0.10E
10k Pot                   0.40E
Female 3.5′ Jack    0.50E
Led, Wires & Caps 0.20E (1x LED, 1x 2.2uF cap, 4x wires)
Total:                       2.50E Cheap!

Here’s everything we gonna need.

We are gonna use the 40106 IC, which is an Hex Inverter. Check out the data sheet if you want to know more.

Plug the 40106 right in the middle. (the round marker will be on the left)

Then connect a wire from just outside left the IC to the pin 7’s row.

Plug the switch and connect another wire from the first row of the board to the pin 14’s row.
Plug the 10k potentiometer with the 2 pins-side facing you.

Draw a wire from pin 3’s row of the IC to the pot’s wiper (the single upper pin).Then connect the last piece of wire from the IC’s pin 4’s row to the bottom right pin of the pot.Plug the anode(the long leg) of the cap in pin 3 ‘s row and the cathode (the short leg) just outside left of the 40106.
Plug the anode(the long leg) of the LED in pin 4’s row and the cathode (the short leg) in pin 3’s row.

And finally power the breadboard by connecting VCC (+) to the bottom right pin of the switch, and GND(-) to the 5th row from the left.You can use any DC source from 4V to 9V to power the thing. I’m using my handmade 5V regulated DC,but you can hack a female DC jack and use a regular adapter,

or a 9V battery…

Beep Beep Beep!

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  1. Vous vous y connaissez en mécanique parce que j’ai un embrayage à changer sur une twingo. Merci

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