Small Stone Clone mod part2: Univibing

The first mod will be getting this “Univibe” hack:

The idea is to emulate the “Univibe” effect using the four CA3080 OTAs on the clone, getting both flavors.
As explained in the link I must add another set of caps plus a switch per 3080.
Fortunately my breadboard build had just the physical space need to throw 4 caps and four SPDT switches in the circuit:

Here are some audio samples..I’d rather have used a dryer Rhodes take but this is about what I have for now.
Also the new WordPress doesn’t have the “audio playlists” anymore so yeah. You have to stop the player before starting another one.

Small Stone config-LFO Speed 25%
Small Stone config-LFO Speed 50%
Small Stone config-LFO Speed 75%
UniVibe config-LFO Speed 25%
UniVibe config-LFO Speed 50%
UniVibe config-LFO Speed 75%

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