Yearly Archive: 2021


I really wanted to have this project done, so I could enjoy myself a nice rotary mixer at home. The goal was to add one HP Filter on each channel and have the PCBs mounted on something instead of hanging by their wires.. I found the easiest was 5mm plywood so here it goes: I still need to attach the…
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BBMIXER: a DIY Rotary Mixer

I finally got my DIY Rotary Mixer working, and I’m quite happy with it! It has 2 lines, a PFL, individual and Master gain, and a High-Pass filter for some isolator-like action.I also found some inexpensive backlit retro style analog Vu-Meters.All impedances are dealt with using TL072 op-amps. Here it is in action: My next step is adding one HP…
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